13 Apr

Toledo Startup Drops Life-Saving Humanitarian Aid from the Sky

When humanitarian aid workers are trying to get supplies to a location that is unstable, unsafe or otherwise unreachable, they don’t have many options. Typically, they end up trying...

17 Aug

Harnessing Private Sector Innovation

Cooking oil was once thought of as “undroppable,” but with the help of USAID’s special oil canisters and SkyLIFE’s innovative engineering, we are now able to quickly deliver oil...

04 Apr

SkyLIFE Drops Fresh Fruit

SkyLIFE is a pioneer in airdrop technology and continues to break new boundaries every day. In a world where lives are often on the line, it is our goal...

04 Mar

SkyLIFE in Cobra Gold 2020

Our SkyLIFE team landed in Thailand on March 4th in preparation of Cobra Gold 2020 (CG2020), a Royal Thai and U.S. Armed Forces co-sponsored Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF)...

01 Jan

The SkyLIFE Plan

Jeff Potter, CEO and founder of SkyLIFE, understands that when it comes to humanitarian aid, time is a scare resource. In order to use time intelligently and save lives,...

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