The Potter Family

The Potter entrepreneurial spirit spans over 100 years beginning with Clarence Potter, the Chief Toolmaker of Willy’s Overland, now known more famously as Jeep. His son, Terry Potter combined his father’s knowledge and his own knack for business to develop the Potter companies. His son and current CEO, Jeff Potter, took charge of the company in 2004 and has made significant changes to how the company is operated. Today, Potter Development is more adaptive and expansive, utilizing developmental engineers, technology specialists, project managers and various manufacturing facilities to provide a global, multi-discipline approach to clients. By revolutionizing today’s standards, we create tomorrow’s technology.

Potter Technology

Potter Development specializes in modern technology and state-of-the-art Product Development & UX Interface systems. From start to finish, we develop, engineer, manufacture and deliver advanced systems & processes.  This includes web & app user interface, process automation systems, software, industrial controls and turnkey project management.

Potter Technology’s success can be credited to our comprehensive approach to problem solving. A thorough understanding of each client’s unique system and layout continues to lead the Potter design team, surpassing expectations and guiding outcomes.

Potter Technology’s unique design process focuses on finding value in even the most complex problems, giving our clients the leading edge they need to remain competitive in today’s market. This begins with a thorough understanding of what the client is striving to accomplish.

“Accomplishments become great when men and women want to change the world”