The Potter Design

The Whole Picture

Potter Technology works as a complete design team. This means that your staff can continue servicing the customer or we can integrate directly, working hand-in-hand to bring your new design to market. Whether as a consultant or contractor, Potter Technology is ready to put technology to work for our clients.

Potter Technology eliminates the guesswork and frustration that comes with complex work breakdown structures. We make sure clients are moved into a fully functional facility with all the maintenance and support systems in place.


Full Service Trouble Shooting & Repair

When a client’s machinery is down, time is of the essence. Potter has developed a secure, reliable system that delivers products when timing is critical. Our ability to bring multiple technology disciplines to the table means we can find the cause of trouble quickly. This also means creative problem solving, allowing us to find alternative solutions that better serve our clients.


Turn-Key Systems Supplier

Potter Technology will design, build, install and service your machinery. We train your machine operators, quality technicians, and maintenance personnel on the use and up-keep of any new system. We also develop the quality and production documents required in today’s market place.

As a turn-key systems supplier, Potter Technology can handle the entire project. If necessary, we can utilize our “Facility Development” services to make sure our client’s plant is running as efficiently as possible.

Potter Technology will bring new ideas and systems to your engineering team. Working as an integral member of your company, Potter Technology facilitates productivity and growth.

Custom Machine Design & Development

Potter Technology’s unique approach to design eliminates the traditionally slow, incremental improvement process and replaces it with quantum leaps in technology and innovation. This is achieved by implementing our development system “TechWORKSPro,” to deliver value that is rooted in intelligent design.
Potter utilizes the talents of our development engineers, technical specialists, project managers, and multiple partner manufacturing facilities to provide a multi-discipline team that delivers cost-effective solutions to complex industrial processing problems.


One Part of a Larger Picture

Potter Technology is aware of the potential dilemmas that characterize the technology and machinery industries. Decisions are made every day that have an impact, both short and long-term, on our customers and suppliers, as well as the environments and the communities in which we operate. We know that our conduct as an employer and as a business has a profound impact on the company’s ability to create long-term value for communities, customers and stakeholders. We recognize our responsibility to positively impact communities and see that they benefit from our operations.