Potter is deemed a global and business transactional powerhouse when it comes to market capitalization. Having multiple industries with a large market capacity Potter is able to provide and enlist its strategic thinking ensuring growth in themselves, partnerships and developing countries long term and on a day-to-day basis.

Potter’s Functions allows the well being of each of its businesses’ shareholders, clients, and employees to have smooth transactions from the moment they start the day till the time they sleep. Potter consistently follows its guiding principles of good communication, fair negotiation and integrity to expand into new territories while strengthening existing relationships.

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Potter Development specializes in technology and state-of-the-art Product Development, UX & process/manufacturing systems. From start to finish, we develop, engineer, manufacture and deliver advanced systems and processes.

Potter Technology’s unique design process focuses on finding value in even the most complex problems, giving our clients the leading edge they need to remain competitive in today’s market. This begins with a thorough understanding of what the client is striving to accomplish.

SkyLIFE leverages advanced technology to modernize humanitarian aid on a global scale. The innovative and intelligently designed technology provides access to food and vital supplies through precise aerial delivery. SkyLIFE technology improves on traditional disaster relief by delivering supplies quickly and directly to those in need.

Potter Development works with the United States Military branches of LOCKHEED Martin, USSOCOM,USFFA and the USAFA to help bring sustainability and resilience to communities.

Learn Kernel was founded with the primary goal of expanding access to information and education inside of communities, globally. We believe that leveraging innovative technology to improve information access can form a foundation for healthy and thriving communities. Learn Kernel is a technology-based education device that enables access to information for communities with various education and infrastructure challenges.

Potter Development often works with existing communities and infrastructures to provide the greatest impact. This often means partnering with existing organizations and local governments, utilizing current infrastructure, and hiring locals from the community. Working alongside those who understand the details of their environment, generates long-term success, positive change, and community development.

The Business Blackboard is a radio show which was created to enhance the knowledge of the Great Lakes region in and to its surrounding communities. It was created with the idea to spread the word about local businessmen and women who create outstanding innovations in their own local communities.