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Potter understands the importance of teamwork as no one person has all the ideas or answers. That’s why we bring proven experts to the table to explore every possibility when developing solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Our team is carefully chosen and constructed so that collaboration leads to job satisfaction and ensures better results.

The need to develop, produce, and deliver new products is a major focus for most companies. Potter Technology’s “Value Development” system is consistently applied to find the value, capture the value, and deliver the value for our clients.

Potter Technology works as a complete design team. This means your staff can continue servicing the customer or integrate directly, working hand-in-hand with your staff to bring your new design to market. Whether as a consultant or contractor, Potter Technology is ready to put innovation to work for our clients.

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Process & Automation Development

Potter’s commitment is to managing and mastering technology to produce innovative and creative processes, integrated systems and world-class solutions, utilizing resources effectively to achieve outcomes on a fixed cost basis.

Potter utilizes the talents of our Development Engineers, Software & Coding Engineers, Technical Specialists, Project Managers, and Multiple Partner Manufacturing Facilities to provide multi-discipline attack teams to deliver cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Potter Technology eliminates the guesswork and frustration that comes with complex breakdown structures We make sure our clients are transitioned into a fully functional operating system with support systems in place.

Industrial Solutions & Machinery

Potter creates breakthrough technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing systems. Potter develops and manufactures
advanced process machinery, automation systems, software, and industrial controls.

Potter’s unique approach to design eliminates slow incremental improvement processes and replaces that with quantum leaps in technology and innovation. This is achieved by implementing the value cluster development system “TechWORKSPro™,” to find, capture, and deliver value.

Potter’s unique design process focuses to find the value in complex problems, giving our clients the leading edge it needs to remain competitive in today’s market.

It begins with a thorough understanding of what the client is striving to accomplish.

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Value Cluster graphic illustrating creating value capturing value and delivering value white background black text yellow circle of value in center

The Value Chain

Potter technology has developed their own state-of the art- system to ensure clients rapid delivery of their new or fixed product. Potter founded the Value Cluster Development with the understanding of needing to design, develop, produce, and deliver new products to customers when time is critical. The Potter Technology ‘Value Cluster Development’ system is deployed to find the value, capture the value, and deliver the value.

Potter Technology can work as a complete design team leaving your staff to continue servicing the customer or we can integrate directly and work hand in hand to bring your new design to market. Whether as a consultant or contractor Potter Technology is ready to put technology to work for you.