04 Apr

SkyLIFE Drops Fresh Fruit

SkyLIFE is a pioneer in airdrop technology and continues to break new boundaries every day. In a world where lives are often on the line, it is our goal to be first on the scene. This means not within hours or days, but immediately, when action is needed most. That is why SkyLIFE revolutionized its technology in speed, distance and delivery to procure the fastest method of delivery to our customers.

With the help of specialized engineers, SkyLIFE was able to radically reimagine first response efforts by designing the perfect parachute and box. Now any product can be safely dispersed from the sky and delivered directly to those in need. Flood season and natural disasters prevent road transportation and lead to bottlenecks in the food supply chain. But from the air, our clients can control every aspect of their logistics line – any time, any day.

With minimal hands on action required SkyLIFE is deemed the best contactless solution. When COVID-19 spread, SkyLIFE had the chance to illustrate its power to help those in need without the spread of germs. SkyLIFE in every way proved what they were made to do. In fact, it was in these months of the pandemic when SkyLIFE dropped their first ever batch of fresh food, containing eggs and yogurt. With advanced technology our clients can drop anything from the air; safely, securely and rapidly, to those in need. This includes, but is not limited to oil, eggs, apples, medical and fertilizer. SkyLIFE has created a new world where no contact is needed to disperse vital essentials or commercial items to those waiting. Imagine a world where we can re-nourish all land at the drop of a box. The Future is SkyLIFE.

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